Family & Friends

Distance Sucks

As I sit in Mt. Pleasant reflecting on the year thus far, I wanted to blog about what I have really struggled with as a Freshman in college. That biggest struggle is the distance with my loved ones ♥

As I said above my number one biggest struggle is the distance from my family and boyfriend. My family, mom, dad, and brother, live in Gladstone which is in the U.P. and about 5 and a half hours from Central. It really is not bad coming from the U.P and growing up driving many hours to get places but when you get homesick and everyone around you is about 2 hours from their family it becomes a struggle. Then my boyfriend Derek goes to Michigan Tech which from Central is about 7 hours. Due to the distance between my boyfriend, the fact that neither of us have cars, and that we are both very busy people we only see one another on breaks. Overall, it has been a very rough adjustment from seeing all of them basically everyday to rarely ever seeing them. Both my parents occasionally have work downstate or come to Central for games and such so I see at least one person in my family about once a month. So thankfully I do see my parents but I rarely ever see Derek which has been very tough.

Anyways, many people talk about how you get homesick in college. But I could not imagine how hard it would actually be for me and really how close I am with my family. Also, I feel at home in Barnes and at Central, I have made the most wonderful friends on this earth who are always there when I miss my loved ones. SO instead of home sick I feel like I am people sick or loved ones sick if that is an actual thing {don’t get that confused with sick of people though}. I have noticed it much more this semester probably because it the fact that I am in college and independent is really starting to sink in after all of the craziness of the first semester. This semester I have also noticed sometimes how hard it is to have everyone around me talk about seeing their boyfriends and families all the time. Not to be a dower because I love my friends here and I am so happy they can see the people they care about, but once in a while it really gets me down and I have to remind myself that I am here for a reason, I love what I am going into, and I do love it here with my whole heart. BUT, it is hard sometimes all I need is my mom or boyfriend to cheer me up when I am stressed or upset and phone calls or Facetime are nice but I truly appreciate face to face time now.

The hardest part for me has been missing the important moments. In February, within two days of one another, my mom turned 50 and Derek turned 20. That week I was unable to see both of them, yes it was because I was doing something I am truly passionate about but it still hurt all the same. For my mom especially, since I have been old enough I do all of our Claes family traditions that she does for everyone else in the family. We have a birthday cake candle that’s always out on someones birthday, I get all of her presents, I make dinner, etcetera. So this year when I was not there I was number one stressed because I was unable to do all of these things from downstate, number 2 upset I could not be there for such an important birthday, and number three honestly worried my brother and dad would forget and not do anything special for her. As for Derek I just felt bad for being unable to be with him when he went from a teenager to a 20 year old because that is kind of a big deal. However, I did get to Facetime him at 11:20 on Friday night until Saturday at 12:30 so I was the first person to say happy birthday and we could at least see one another on his special day.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I love being at Central and it was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I have grown as a person and I appreciate many things so much more now. I have found my “new” home here and the best friends I could ever ask for. I have a huge support system whenever I need it and I have many wonderful connections. I do miss my family and boyfriend a bunch but I know that every time I do see them it is the best hour/day/week ever. I made the right decision for me even though that means I am apart from my loved ones it only makes our bond stronger and our love deeper.

I just want everyone who’s in college or getting ready to go to college that it is okay to love your school and what you’re doing but also miss the people you care about. There probably will be times that are worse than others ex. being sick or stressed but you can get through it. There also may be decisions that involve you either doing something or going home for a bit from what I have experienced I would say do something exciting, fun, and create those life long memories and then go home the next time. opportunities only come once in a while so you have to take them while you can, your family/ boyfriend/ friends/ anyone will understand and support whatever you do. Remember that even though there may be a large distance between you and them that “distances means so little when someone means so much”. The love I have for my family and boyfriend grow exponentially each and everyday and through them I know I can do anything even though we are miles apart.

To close here are some {kind of a lot} fabulous pictures with the people I call home ♥