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To my Mom

February 2nd 2016  Happy 50th Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 50th MOM! Since I am unable to be with you on this very special day I thought I could do this instead {hopefully your card also got there in time as well}. I just wanted to make a blog post about the best and most wonderful person on this planet. So here is a blog post for you Cath, enjoy! 

Ever since I can remember, we have always been best friends {besides also being mother and daughter of course}. But when I say best friends I really mean best friends. You are my shopping buddy, musical going partner, food fanatic, and lover of many other things with me. Furthermore, we literally share everything now that we are the same size. As soon as we were finally the same size of shoes and clothes we started sharing all of our clothes and shoes. I remember, before leaving for Central we had the rough task of figuring out what clothes would stay home and what clothes I would take because we share so many things now. It was a pretty difficult task considering neither of us wanted to part with our clothing. You were the person who helped me fall in love with music and musicals in general. Going to shows with you every year is really one of the biggest highlights because we always have so much fun together. You have also been the person who has joined in my love for fashion and clothes by every year getting my Vogue Fall Fashion edition and always always always getting me the cutest clothes. Honestly, leaving you in general was very hard for me because I am so use to always having you around and there for me. The worst was the first time I got sick sick and was alone in my room wishing I had my mom. There have been many times that I have wished you were there with me but getting sick in my dorm room was easily number 1 on that list. 

You are so much more than just my mom as I said before you are basically everything to me. The hardest part about college is not being able to see you every day even if you do ask me 10000000000 questions per minute. I miss you endlessly every day but especially today because you are turning the big 50! Thank you for everything you do for me, dad and Addam, you are truly the most wonderful mom on this planet, not sure how I got so lucky. I hope dad and Addam did all of the normal Claes family birthday traditions and I hope you had a wonderful day because you deserve it. Also, hope you enjoy this short and sweet birthday blog ♥ Happy birthday momma, I love you so so much