Sweet Summer Time

{The normal summer of a College Student}

Like so many people my age I spend the majority of my summer working, taking classes, and trying to work off my freshman 15. Besides those three things I tried to spend time with my family, boyfriend, and friends from home. Going home for the summer after spending months in Mount Pleasant was very… weird. But overall, I had a wonderful summer and here are some highlights about what I did from May until early August.  

Work: Camp Harstad is the Summer Day Camp I worked at for eight weeks of the summer. Specifically, this camp is for kids in Special Education and it provides them a place to adventure, have fun, and be in a structured environment throughout the summer. On a normal week we would be at Camp Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday while Thursday was field trip day. A few of these field trips included Public Safety, the Pocket Park, and the Movies. At camp we would take beach walks, do arts & crafts, play games and sports, have free time, and swim at the YMCA. During swim time, there were many days when the camp counselors got pushed into the pool so as the kids said, “we could have a pool party”. Also, every once in awhile, we did yoga on the beach! Everyday I learned more about myself and my passion for special education and everyday was a different journey. Working with the kids everyday and seeing the world through their eyes was the best. The staff I had the opportunity to work with became my second family and we always joked around and had one another’s backs. I loved everyday of working at camp and the experiences I had have changed who I am today. I could not ask for a better job, even if some days things got a bit crazy.

Classes: English 102: Research Writing online, the Bay College equivalent to Central’s English 201. English was my first summer class and it ran for six weeks through my Bay College in Escanaba. This class was honestly more interesting than I first expected it to be. This online course provided an opportunity to research topics I am actually interested in and write papers I was passionate about. Also, I worked a lot on my writing skills which will come in handy when I start writing papers in my Central classes this year. Also, it was helpful to take this class through Bay because it freed up time in my schedule at Central and saved me some money which is always a bonus! Statistics 210 which is the equivalent to Statistics 218QR here at Central. Like the English class, taking this class during the summer freed up time in my normal schedule at CMU and saved me money. However, the biggest reason I took Stats at my community college was for the super small class size in the summer. My class was a 2 hour night class with only 4 students in it. It ran for six weeks and was a fast paced intensive course. Taking it at Bay gave me the huge advantage of an almost one on one learning experience.

Family, friends, fun: Besides work and classes, and had to make time to work out and spend time with my friends & family. Derek and I made two trips down to my family’s cottage on Douglas Lake and spent time with a lot of my extended family. I also ate my weight in food while there because two of my all time favorite restaurants are there; The Douglas Lake Steakhouse, and we can’t forget the highlight of breakfast at the Small Town Grille in Pellston! Along with going to the cottage, I made sure there was time to go to the beach, kayak or just spend time with everyone from home. I ended my summer with a bang at the UP state fair this year because the opening night was the night before I left. Due to that, I had to eat all of the important Fair food like mini donuts & cheese curds all in one night.

All in all, I had a wonderful summer and I am ready to take on my Sophomore year at Central Michigan University.

Here are some wonderful photos from working/ having lots of fun at Camp & a few other fun summer activities because why would I take photos of me sitting is class (: