{Skill: the ability to do something well; expertise. A particular ability}

My Every Day Skills

  • Prioritizing – being able to understand what is most important to me and using that to decide what I want to do in my everyday life
  • Empathy – Understanding others rather than just sympathizing, going on another level and putting myself in their place
  • Time management – the understanding that I only have so many hours in a day and that I am a busy person so I need to use my time wisely

Other Skills I have acquired over time

  • Event planning – Throughout my Senior year and now freshman year in college I have made incredible strides with my skills in event planning. I have found a new love in event planning and have become pretty good
  • Facilitating – I have recently been improving and working on this skill in LDR 200, facilitating helps me when I am in different leadership roles and I lover learning new things about facilitating in general
  • Problem Solving – Being someone who is involved and has multiple leadership positions I have run into multiple problems. This year I have really worked on problem solving quickly and under pressure through the events I have run this year
  • Team work – I have learned through 2 too many group projects and being in different leadership positions where I have other people who work with me
  • Handling pressure – This is a strength/ skill I have put a lot of time into being good at and practicing. It is a very important skill to have especially in a leadership role because you need to be able to stay cool under pressure.

Skills I want to work on

  • Public Speaking – Speaking in front of a group or people whether they are my peers or strangers and being ok with it. In the setting of doing a presentation or a speech and being confident in myself and my speaking in public
  • Being more Direct – telling people how it is and being the person to point things out when something goes wrong

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