Passion ∼ strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor OR an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

{Special Education}

My passion for Special Education started when I was very young. My dad {one of my biggest role models} is the Special Education Director for our ISD and introduced me to his field and the special education population. I can honestly say I instantly knew I had found my passion. Since then, I started working at a summer camp {Camp Nesbit} for Special Needs people ages 10-60. It is a highlight of my summer and I am always so excited to go back. At this camp, I am a counselor and help on the water front. Each week there, I meet people who truly inspire me. Also, in the summer I volunteer at the local Learning Center with the preschool age kids. I love working with them and the best part is getting to see their little smiling faces every morning.

{Service/ Volunteering}

Throughout my high school career, and now into college, I have been a part of many groups or organizations that volunteer. Through these groups I have found my passion in serving others. Being able to help others who are less fortunate brings so much happiness to my life. I absolutely love seeing people smile after you have done something for them. Through volunteering, I have met amazing like minded people and done some of the coolest service projects.

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