Leadership Advancement Scholarship {LAS}

•A peak into the wonderful Leadership Advancement Scholarship and what I have gained•

{My Soul Sister}

As part of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship each freshman gets a mentor in the sophomore class. My mentor just happens to be my soul sister, Emily Baier. She is honestly one of the most amazing people in my life and has become such a huge part of it. Em is my mentor, my sorority sister, big, and above all one of my best friends. Also, she and I are always there for one another and it means so much to have someone like that in my life. Emily is always there for snuggles, food, life talks, walks to our sorority events, support, clothes swaps, matching outfits, and anything else. More than anything I am blessed to have such an amazing, independent, classy yet sassy, role model.

{My Best Friend}

There are so many people who tell you that you’ll meet your best friend in college. Honestly, believe them! Little did I know my best friend would live two doors down and end up being the other half of me. He is the one who will hold my hand when I am having a bad day, watch every movie in the world with me, rave over music with me, and is always there when I need him. He is such an honest genuine person and is always there to tell me things straight. Best of all, he’s always there when I walk out all dressed up and tells me how beautiful I look {which is wonderful}. Over the past few months we got tattoos together, asked his girlfriend out {with an awesome scavenger hunt}, and had many late night watching movies.

{Endless Advances in my Leadership Skills}

I have already attended Spark Leadership, Connections Conference, and our Mentor/ Mentee Retreat. With just these three very different experiences I have grown so much as a leader and as a person. There are so many things I have learned to help me in my leadership skills and in general become a better leader overall. Also, we take leadership specific classes as a cohort. These classes help us to explore different academic aspects we can add to our leadership skills.

{A Second Family}

Yes we fight, there are almost 50 of us. Yes we are not all best friends 24/7. But we do have each others back and we are always there to support one another. We are a big family and like a family, we may fight and we may not be best friends all the time, but underneath everything we love one another and will be there to support each other throughout our college career. I have so many people in my life now because of this scholarship and everyone of them are wonderful. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the people in my second family  ♥