{Here’s a glimpse of what goes on in my daily life besides school. I love being involved and through my involvements I have found my true passions in life. With all of these involvements I can help make the world a better place and shape myself into the person I strive to be}

Alpha Sigma Tau My motivation to join the Greek community came from my Mentor and now Big, Em and my Aunt (who was a Chi Omega at Michigan State). Both of them encouraged me to go through recruitment because they had found their home in the community and thought I could too. Now, I honestly can not ever thank them enough for helping me because I have truly found my home in Alpha Sigma Tau. I have gained so much just in the past few months from this organization, including bettering my leadership, a strong sisterhood, and multiple positions I have grown into.

Leadership Advancement Scholar This is the scholarship I applied for the fall of my Senior year. Little did I know when I applied just how much this program would change my life. Honestly, I applied for it because I was applying for any scholarship I could that year and I found LAS on the CMU website and read about this wonderful program. Fast forward to now, and the number of things I have gained from this program is innumerable. There is a page about the LAS program but the overall gains are a family, the best friends I could ever ask for, leadership gains left and right, deep learning on leadership, and a support system like no other.

Circle K International The most basic reason I joined this club is because I loved Key Club, the high school version of Circle K. Needless to say, as soon as I found out where and when the meetings were, you bet I was there because I already understood first hand how wonderful the organization was. Circle K was the first place I actually felt at home on the very large campus. It is where I met some of my first really good friends outside of LAS and it is also where I got my first position as Service Coordinator. Like many of my other involvements, I have gained a lot from Circle K but Circle K was even more special because it is a continuation of what I was in high school but has evolved with me to fit the ever changing college me.

Speech Language Hearing Club- My motivation to join this club was very simple, it will help me with my major in Communication Disorders. We have biweekly meetings and the members of this club are people who want to be Speech Therapists or Audiologists. On a normal basis we listen to professors in our program and get help with applying to the major or graduate school. Overall, I have taken away a lot from this club and I have learned so much about what I want to go into. Now, when the time comes to apply for the major or graduate school I will be very prepared and understand what I am getting myself into.

Camp Nesbit Counselor- I became a counselor at this amazing camp through my dad, who is the Special Education Director at an ISD. He encouraged me to apply for this week long camp for people with special needs. While I was nervous the first time I headed to the remote northern most part of the Upper Peninsula and was uncertain about what the week ahead would hold, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, even if I only got about 3 hours of sleep every night for the whole week. At Camp Nesbit, I was brought to tears when a nonverbal camper learned to say my name, and been touched by the joy each camper spread every day. It is one of the most inspiring things I have done and every year I look forward to going back.