Goal /gol/ (noun): an aim or desired result

As someone who is very involved with their extracurriculars, school, family , etc., I always have specific goals I want to accomplish. These goals help me stay focused on what I need to do and what I want. Also, my goals help me to accomplish everything because honestly it feels great to check something off of a list. So here are some of my goals, short-term and long-term.

{Weekly Goals}

  • Get homework done in a timely manner
  • Call family members more
  • Spend one evenings reading for pleasure

{Monthly Goals}

  • Participate in volunteering opportunities
  • Write more letters
  • Make a monthly budget

{Semester Goals}

  • Blog more (minus LAS requirements)
  • Make the deans list
  • Apply for more scholarships

{Yearly Goals}

  • Be a better human aka. better for the earth & community
  • Keep up my good grades
  • Further my Leadership skills

{Over the next few Years}

  • Get into the Communication Disorders Major
  • Keep in touch with my amazing friends
  • Get into Graduate School for Speech Pathology
  • Stay active, physically and mentally
  • Love the life I have

Who Can Help me: the people in my specific organizations, the Volunteer Center, the Leadership Institute, my friends and family, and coffee

How can I accomplish these sometimes lofty goals: Time management, coffee, with help from the people above, organization, connections around campus and in my community, and check lists.