{Why I chose Central Michigan}

First and foremost Central was the only school I applied for and obviously was the only school I wanted to attend. But let me explain why this was the school for me and how I feel in love with Central.

  1. Both of my parents attend Central and met here. I have been a Chippewa since birth so it was only natural that I followed in my amazing parents footsteps and get the best education I could.
  2. The Communication Disorder Major is phenomenal and the best in Michigan. This was a very important aspect for me when choosing which school I wanted to attend. CDO is a very competitive field so it is important for me to have the best education so I am able to pursue my dream of becoming a Speech Pathologist.
  3. The wonderful scholarships I could get. The scholarships were huge me and CMU gives our merit based scholarships and other scholarships which you can apply for. I ended up get two from Central one merit based and the Leadership Advancement Scholarship.
  4. Central’s campus because it is absolutely beautiful. I seriously fell in love with the campus and it was a big selling point for me. The Health Professions building and the Library are now my favorite places and overall the campus is amazing.
  5. It is not too far away from home so I still can see my wonderful family. Central is only 5 hours away which is far but it is not too bad. I still get to see my parents because they come downstate all the time.

{Why I chose Communication Disorders}

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Besides that I am very passionate about Special Education but I do not want to be a teacher. So my solution for that was Communication Disorders because I will still be able to work with Special Education. Other than that, I am becoming obsessed with Speech Pathology and I find it fascinating. Also, my CDO classes are the best part of my day and everything I have learned in those classes is so interesting. Here’s the link to the CDO major.

{Why I chose Leadership}

Both are absolutely amazing minors and particularly for myself {which is why i chose them}. First off leadership, and why I chose it as one of my minors. Leadership is a huge part of my life, especially since I am a part of the leadership advancement scholarship. Furthermore, I will be taking many of the classes needed for the minor so it made sense to me to get the minor and further my leadership skills. Here’s the link to the Leadership minor

{Why I chose Child Development}

Child Development is my second minor and houses some of the best classes. I chose this as my other minor because ultimately I want to be a Speech Therapist for children. This minor helps me to understand more about children, how they develop, and how to interact with their parents. It is truly fascinating to learn about children and it will help me so much in the future when working with them. Here’s the link to the Child Development minor