About ME

ME ♥

I am from a small town in the Upper Peninsula where everyone knows one another and you get school off for Deer Day. I grew up loving music, my family, the beach, good food, cross-country skiing, breakfast for all meals, Christmas, and the beauty of the outdoors. My mother is my best friend in this entire world, she’s my shopping bud, my musical going date, my food loving other half, and my same size clothes twin, which made it even harder to pack for college. In high school I was a part of the musicals, orchestra, chorale, key club, dance, and chamber orchestra. I taught dance classes and worked at a small shop called Positively. That’s me before college.

Today I am a student at CMU, majoring in Communication Disorders with minors in Leadership and Childhood Development. I am a member of the Speech Language and Hearing Club, Circle K International, the Leadership Advancement Program, and Alpha Sigma Tau. I have met my two best friends, one being my mentor&big and the other lives 3 rooms down from me. Through them, I understand what true friendship is and I have enough laughs, love, hugs, and late night chats to last a life time. Some of my favorite things in the world right now are breakfast for all meals, mac and cheese from Panera, movie nights, HAPPS with my sisters, walks through campus, and spending time with my big {in reality food in general}. I have been dedicating my time to homework, my sorority, and Circle K. So in my rare moments of free time, I love to Facetime my boyfriend {Derek}, watch Gossip Girl with my roommate {Lexi}, have dance parties in my dorm, drink coffee, watch movies with Ryan, spend time with Em, and hang out with my friends. In the future, I want to be to a Speech Pathologist and work with children all day everyday. I also strive to be the best person I can be in my everyday life. My goals are to be positive, supportive of others, strong, and confident in everything I do.

So that is a little bit about me and my life ♥

& Here are some pictures of this craziness I call life ↓