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LAS Protocol Class » PSY 100L » Introduction to Psychology » Freshman Year/ Semester 1



This blog is about the Psychology 100L class I took. As part of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship each cohort takes the Psychology 100L class the first semester of our Freshman year. My cohort had Professor Matthew Prewett with class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:45. It was an intro class so we touched on the many different parts of Psychology instead of going in-depth on one specific subject. Before taking this course I thought it would be one of the easy first semester courses that I would be able to breeze through, however I was wrong. Here is the description of my experience in Psychology 100L

What I learned:

I learned about the many different aspects of Psychology as I said before. A few things we learned about in this course were the different parts of the brain and their functions, disorders such as bipolar, anxiety, and depression, and we learned about the founders and history of psychology. Additionally, I learned about various aspects of Psychology that I can apply to leadership. I now know the value of using things such as positive reinforcements, and reward systems. I also learned how to successfully navigate a course that was half classroom time and half online. We had lectures every Tuesday and Thursday but in addition to the lectures we used Mindtap, which is an online learning source. All of our assignments were through Mindtap, so I always had to be on the ball when things were due because no one was there to remind me. Thankfully I had my whole cohort struggling with similar things so we all kept one another on top of everything in this class. Another thing I gained from Psychology was strategies to teach myself when I was not learning everything I should in class. This was the most difficult part for me especially the first few weeks but as the semester progressed I got better and thankfully my tests scores showed that.

What I thought of the class:

I found this class interesting and enjoyed learning about the different aspects of psychology. Also, the teacher, Dr. Prewett, was very understanding and helpful which always makes a class better. However, I did not like how we only touched on the extremely broad subject of Psychology. I struggled with how the class was taught and had a hard time learning the material we covered. As a result, I spent many hours in Club Lib {the Library} studying and making up for what I did not gain during class. Overall, Psychology 100L was not my favorite class, but I did learn how to deal with a class I did not entirely like and still succeed in it.

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