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LAS Protocol Class → COM 267L → Debate → Freshman Year/ Semester 1


Hello! This lovely blog is about my COM 267L or Debate class. As a part of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship we take this course in the first semester of our freshman year. This year my Professor was Dr. Cory Hillman and I had class every Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 to 10:45. Throughout the semester we learned how to argue properly and debate with ease and in the right ways.


In my class we had, five groups of four to five people for the debates. My small group included myself, Allie, Nicole, and Sadie. As for debates, I was partners with Allie, and Sadie and Nicole were partners. Every debate we would switch sides so each small group could argue from both sides of an issue multiple times. Also, switching sides forced us to occasionally argue for something that we might not necessarily believe in.This really taught me to look at things from multiple perspectives. By the end of class, we ended up doing one “practice “debate and two “real” debates.

The debates I participated in:

  1. The United States should ban all Assault Weapons – for this debate I was on the Opposition side so I argued that Assault Weapons should not be banned in the United States. During this debate we brought up evidence about the background checks and that many people do not own Assault Weapons in general unless they use them for sport. Also, we had varying definitions of several terms such as Assault Weapons and ban. Finally, we talked about the fact that there is already a black market for guns and if the United States bans them the black market would expand greatly and people would able to get many different kind of guns with ease.
  2. School Uniforms should be banned in all Schools in the United States – for this debate I was on the Government side. I argued that School Uniforms should be banned in all schools across the United States. Concerning this debate, Allie and I argued that school uniforms should be banned in the United States because they stifle children’s individuality. Also, we brought up facts that school uniforms are extremely expensive and many lower class families are unable to afford these uniforms. Finally, we talked about how parents send their children to public school because of the free education and if public schools make uniforms mandatory there is no longer free education.

What I Learned:

Overall, I learned about the art of arguing. Many people do not understand that arguing is much more than just yelling at one another until one person decides to stop. Also, arguments are not always settled because many people hold their ground not matter how absurd they may seem to you. Skills in arguments are debate are necessary in everyday life because everyone has disagreements but using argumentation/ debate you can settle the disagreements rationally and calmly.

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