To my Best Friend on your Birthday

Dear Ryan,

First off… HAPPY BIRTHDAY BFF!!! Congrats on being 19 years of age and already being the one of the most wonderful people on this planet. I wanted to do something special for your birthday because you are always there for me so here it is a sappy blog post about our insane friendship and how it means to me.

Let’s just start with how our friendship started, literally a month ago. The very first time we met, we were in the same interview group for competition day, and I just remember thinking how cool you were. Then months later we moved into Barnes and for the first few weeks, even though we live down the hall from one another, I did not see you. Randomly one day you started hanging out with Em and basically my whole room so we started talking. Then out of the blue we started talking about Captain American and that basically started our friendship. After that and we  then planed our first of oh so many movie nights and the rest is history. Our very first movie night we watched Captain American: Civiimg_3099l War (of course) and annoyed the crap out of Lexi because of how much we love Cap and superheros in general. Honestly from that day on we cliqued and all I wanted to say to you was “WILL YOU BE MY BFF”… however I held off… but only for like a week. Now we spend many nights, probably too many, watching movies, talking, staying up late, and laughing. You have started to teach me how to unicycle and say that someday you’ll teach me to walk on stilts. We have become so close in a matter of weeks and I honestly would not change it for the world. I love staying up and hearing you tell me about the girl you are “hardcore crushing on” because you always have such a stupid smile and it makes me so happy. I love how you’ll always listen to me complain about being 8 hours away from Derek and every time you remind me of how happy I will be when I finally get to see him. I love listening to you practice your trombone and all the music you show me on a daily basis. I love watching you talk about something you really like whether it is a girl, knives, guns, bikes, cars, or music  because you are always so giddy. I love how we never fail to make one another die of laughter even when both of us are in bad moods. So basically I just really really enjoy our friendship and one day we are getting BFF tattoos even though you may be in denial about that.

On to the next portion! Here is where I am going to get a bit more sappy so just bare with me for a hot sec. First of all thank you so much for being the Captain America to my Bucky  (even though I am not a guy but yeah). This analogy is so true because like Cap you lack flaws *insert eye rolls* but other then that he is always there for Bucky like you are for me and we always balance each other out like they do. Sometimes I honestly do not know how you deal with me especially when I start crying at the end of Inside Out because I am homesick and just can’t deal with it. I cherish knowing that I always have someone to hold my hand when I img_2889cry, cheer me up when I am down, de-stress me when I feel like my life is a tornado, laugh with me for hours, watch any and all movies with me, geek out about music, rave about Marvle or Disney, sing with me, have dance parties with me, bring me food and basically just everything and anything I ever need. Our friendship means the world to me even though I may not tell you and instead chose to be sassy with you. But, honestly I have no clue what I would do without you because we just get each other. It means so much to me to always know you are just around the corner and will always come in with a hug and stupid jokes. Staying on the sappy side of things one of my favorite memories of our friendship so far is from my sorority bid day. Earlier that day you came and sat in my room while I stressed about wondering if I got bid from AST or not. The whole time you kept telling me that anyone would be lucky to have me in their sorority and everything
would work out. Then I went to biding and you went to band. As soon as I found out I got into AST I blew up your phone because I was so insanely happy. Then that night I texted you when I got home to see if you were home and if you wanted to watch a movie. You said yes and we were trying to decide which room to watch it in. As I went to open my door, I heard another door down the hall open, I instantly knew it was you (partially because there was no one else here) and took off sprinting towards your room. You were there waiting by your door with open arms because you knew how excited I was. I literally flew into your arms and even starting crying because at that point I had gotten into the perfect sorority and ultimatly had the most wonderful BFF.

So on your birthday I will promise you these things, I will always be there to hold your hand when you cry, make you mac and cheese at 2 AM, watch every movie ever made with you, run with you, attempt to unicycle with you, get tattoos with you, watch you play in the marching band, support you, be your biggest fan, be your best friend, mend your broken heart, study with you, geek out with you, cry with you, be crazy with you, laugh with you, and ultimately be there for you whenever and wherever.

Finally, I just want to say I literally have a million things to say about you, how much I love our friendship, and how much you mean to me but there are not enough words in this world to get it out. So Happy 19th Birthday to my nerd of a best friend and I hope you have the most wonderful day because you deserve it.


Your number 1, your BFF, your soon to be unicycle bud, your movie partner, and your biggest fan


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